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Page history last edited by termie 10 years ago

My birthday is coming up! So, to capitalize on some of out of town friends being in Berlin as well I've decided to organize a:






I've tried to do a little research for a venue and it seems that Knaack Klub is a reasonable sounding audience-format Karaoke bar (link below). Somebody let me know if that venue is the worst thing ever and I will work on a replacement.


We'll aim for arriving with a small group around 21:15h on the 19th to start (continue?) getting liquored up on a Monday evening.


In Summary:


  • Where: Knaack Klub, Greifwalderstr. 224
  • When: 21:15h+ Juli 19, 2010
  • What: Die Prinzen - Mein Fahrrad
  • Who: Feel free to invite friends along, the more the merrier for karaoke. 


You can let me know you're coming by emailing andyster at gmail :)





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