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  • Flock (where I used to work)
  • Jibot2
    • Current Version: Jibot: An IRC bot with some pnnazz
    • Jibot MySQL: Upgrade the Jibot database support to include MySQL as well as adding in new features based on the niceties that MySQL support allows
    • Jibot Bug Tracking via Wiki: So we can use a ?bug command in Jibot to have it send data to a wiki
  • PyRack: [http://anarkystic.com/pyrack.html]
  • Trough: A web-based python/php/mysql feed aggregator with social tracking features
  • TOC <--> Web/Email/SMS Gateway: So that I can do neat crap with an IM bot
  • PyLsi: A python based engine for latent semantic analysis of documents and grammar reproduction
  • KevinMarks's bt w/proxy idea + my bt gateway idea with xinetd-style file server
  • ConferenceWhores
  • PointDrop: Crazy Pseudo-Wiki, tentatively called, uh, PointDrop
  • LogCon: IRSSI Script to log lines from an IRC channel starting at a specific time, until either it is stopped or a specific time, and save them to a specified file name.
  • InstantMessagingBots: These ideas never seem to go away
  • Get the del.icio.us code, or make a mini-clone that syncs up with it.
  • are you my hero?
  • Gallery->Flickr
  • FlickrUp: A command-line client to upload photos to Flickr, written in python, see also: flickrUp in my svn
  • Igno: An identity removal service
  • PyMpc: a Twisted-based client for Python
  • PyMpd: a TurboGears-based web interface for pyMpc
  • PySpid: a Python feed spider
  • TemplePy: a De-Templating engine



  • EviteKiller: a replacement for Evit
  • DruPy: a port of Drupal to the Python platform
  • PySight: iSight layer for Python
  • Piss: a command-line program manager with Tagging(tm)
  • QuackQuack: A wiki translation service
  • WellSaid: a blog scoring web service


Already Done By Other People By Now But Whatever

  • RestWiki: a reStructredText based wiki
  • DocWiki: A DocBook-based wiki, Jen's idea.
  • iPhoto->Flickr (somebody already did this, but seems like good practice)
  • Gmail scrape-based API: So I can read and write to Gmail like a database or a fileserver

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