In commemoration of my return to devhouseness at the [next SuperHappyDevHouse]( and my forthcoming involvement in the CocoaDevHouse in Amsterdam(, I thought I'd dish the dirt on how to organize an event of maximum hackerdom on the cheap.



Try to organize when people will be in town, on a weekend before or after a conference is usually an idea. Don't do more than one a month, we usually try for about a 6 week interval.


How to find a venue

What kind of area are you in? In the Bay Area we've been lucky to be near to enough affluence that there are entire cities of giant houses to be commandeered, but if you are not so lucky as to have a benevolent house overlord, here are a few useful tips on finding a venue:



How to convince a venue owner

You've found a couple places, but the owners aren't sold on letting you use the space or want you to pay more than you really can afford (and you don't really know how many people are going to be there yet, anyway), so now you've got to convince them.




Depending on your venue, you may need to supply quite a bit of the infrastructure for the event. For most of these items your best bet is to form a little organizers group and try to spread out the responsibilities among them.



Handling the Party Arc

Parties follow a pretty consistent arc of attendance, and this kind of event is no different.




These events are supposed to be open and free, we generally encourage working on open source projects and sharing as much as you can with the other people at the event. Beyond what is described here there are plenty of additional fun activities you can incorporate, in the past we've had presentations, mini-presentations, had a wikipedia editing club, had campfires and filmed videos.


Make the event your own, add your own style to it, make sure to thank everybody involved and have fun. Oh, and invite me.



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