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EatBird @ Houseku

(San Francisco's Premiere Orphan-Turkey/Tofurkey Event)


Facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=6299763308


223 Fair Oaks (near 23rd and Guerrero) map





  • 1:00 p.m. - Come make food stuffs (we have the tofu/bird under control)
  • 1:00 p.m. - BIRD GOES IN!
  • 4:00 p.m. - Targeted eating time (errr, right). For all the veggies in the house, this worked out very well. :)
  • 4:30 p.m. - Bird comes out. It's done! No, wait. Why is it bloody? GROSS. Ursula says to put it back in.
  • 6:41 p.m. - Shite! Bird is still cooking? Wtf? Hopefully it'll be done soon.... Travis is in charge now.
  • 7:30ish - Bird comes out. It is delicious and not full of salmonella. Brining for 18+ hours is great for birds. Awesome. The tofurkey was awesome and actually was on time. Damn.
  • Anytime to late night-ish - Come because you need to have a drink after hanging out with your family for 8 hours.
  • 10:00 p.m. - There are 11 bottles of wine left. Come have some.
  • 1:00 a.m. - Everyone is home and dry. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you, Houseku, for your awesome accomodations.


If you are eating, please bring something to share!

Ohh, the drink situation is looking slim. Help!


Come and go as you please and bring friends. There is space. I promise. :)


Parking Notes

- Car people, we have some loading area, park at the top of the driveway briefly to load/unload stuff. After that good luck, it's not usually too tough to find stuff within a couple blocks of here.

- Bike people, we have space downstairs for your bikes, let somebody know you are here so that they will open the door but you can go down the driveway to the entrance to 225 and put your bike inside.




- Lindsay - Chef

- Amit - Chef

- Travis - Chef

- Mika - Chef

- Neil - Chef

- Matt - Chef

- BJK - Sous Chef

- Teemu

- Emma

- Nikete

- Tony

- Katherine

- Aimee

- John

- Sean G

- Sarah

- Paul S

- Dana

- Dana friend

- Jonathan - aka JAW

- Paul O - aka poppy

- Crystal

- Ursula (bjk)

- Toni (bjk)

- Maria (bjk)

- Rachel (bjk)

- Eric (bjk)



- Anni

- Kate



Real Food


TurkeyLindsay16 lbs.
Finnish potato dishMikaSuper, very nice.
Butternut squash soupNeilvegan
3 TofurkeysNeilvegan
Midwestern Cranberry SaladMattvegan
Mashed potatoesNeilvegan
BreadAmitNOT bringing bread, as it looks like we'll have plenty via travis
StuffingLindsaynot vegan
Corn PuddingLindsayvegetarian
PicklesAndy, we got some bomb ass pickles (Andy says pickles were indeed bomb ass)
Sourdough roundsTravis2 loaves
Apple sourdoughTravis2 loaves
Walnut sourdoughTravis2 loaves
Wild RiceBJKvegetarian
Green Beanspoppyvegetarian
ilk of Celery Root Puree Seanvegetarian
purple/red cabbage saladuakvegetarian
fresh vegetable assortmentJAWvegan
Salad with garlic vinegretteDana




Two Pumpkin piesNeilvegan
Three CheesecakesMattvegan
Pumpkin cheesecakeLindsayvegetarian
Ginger tea breadLindsayvegetarian
Chocolate Pecan PieAmiteggs, but no dairy
Pumpkin cookiesDana
Pumpkin PieDana
1 box of Pockybjk
2 plantainsbjkto be fried




a bottle of a fine iowan redmatt
some white winecrystalfor variety
Koskenkorvauakja Salmiakkikossu
simple red winepoppy
12 pack of cokepoppywe'll need some type of caffeine elements
red wineEric (bjk)
wine bottlejaw
Brazillian LemonadeAmit
red winebjk



- termie: 6 large plates, 6 small plates, 6 bowls

- matt: round chafing dish with two compartments

- termie: 4 big spoons, 4 small spoons, 4 forks, 4 knives

- Travis: we're going to get some composty paper stuff (plates, cups, etc.)



- termie: 6 red chairs at the house

- termie: 3 couches (seats 3, 2, 2)

- Paul S : I have lots of folding chairs. Let me know if I should bring some. Yes, please, Paul. ///L

- Lindsay: 2 folding chairs (@ house)



- termie: big table in dining room will fit 10-12

- tony: folding table will fit 8-10

- BJK: 8 foot portable banquet table.


1 Rule

- No mofo drinks on the mantles n' shit. They're hella old.


Random Chatter from Non-Attending Folk

- tedr: "You're beautiful people. I <3 Wiki-Giving-ness. Gobble Gobble!"

- Dad and Karen: Y'al have a good time. From Georgia w/Love!



- Look here tomorrow for some instructions to recreate some of your favorite new TDay foods. Damn. Gobble gobble.

- Vegan Soy Eggnog Cheesecake

- Butternut squash soup

- Savory mashed sweet potatoes

- Turkey Brine (ala Alice Waters)

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