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Andy's Contact Info

* jabber andyster@gmail.com for now until jabber@term.ie comes back (preferred)

* msn msn@term.ie

* aim terminus0

* mobile(US) +1 408 490 0694

* email my first name at anarkystic dot com

* irc termie on freenode, mozilla, flock, mediamatic, and gimp


Andy's Blogs


Andy's Projects

* MyProjects

* Also check out my subversion repository: {{{svn://term.ie}}} or browse it through trac


Andy's Skillset

* programming languages python, php, ruby, javascript, java, perl, assembly, c, ada, lisp, ...

* other languages xul, html, xml, css, xslt...

* human languages english, spanish, tiny bits of dutch, german and french, hopefullt japanese eventually. Farsi sounds neat.

* I can run quickly, too.


Andy's Older Job

"It's like baking a cake for a bunch of kids who drop it on the floor." - AndySmith


Andy's Last Job

"You know, you can't just walk up to Destiny and be like, 'Hey what are you doing tomorrow?' Destiny is not like that, you don't hang out with Destiny and shoot the shit." - RichardTang


Andy's Less Current Job

"So what I want is this to slide in from the right and then you can click here to sort of flip through different views, or drag from here to make this appear and have it snap back kind of like those rolling blinds" -- ChrisMessina


Andy's Old YASNS Bio

I am very interested in society and social networks, and hope to develop software that aids in the formation of widespread independent media, and brings a greater connectivity and understanding to the world. I believe knowledge should be in the hands of the people, because only through an intelligent public can we implement intelligent change. I would also like to travel.


Free, beer and speech, open source software is the only way to go; if you aren't coding out of love, you aren't coding right.


I do my best to walk the philosophical path and think things through to their logical roots and resolutions. Learning the better way to accomplish something has always been important to me.


I think people are the greatest fun.

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